View, Link, and Unlink Schedules

Employee Guide

View, Link, and Unlink Schedules

When Work > Timesheet is configured to show schedule information, Dayforce automatically shows your schedule for the selected day just below the tabs at the top of the timesheet:

Scheduled shift duration for the selected day, shown above the timesheet.

You can view additional schedule details in the Schedule Detail tab. In this tab, you can view either your daily schedule for the selected day, or your weekly schedule for the week shown in the timesheet. The following example shows the weekly schedule:

Weekly view in the Schedule Detail tab showing five shifts in the workweek.

Note: If Dayforce is configured to load timesheets by pay period in Work > Timesheet and your pay periods contain more than one week, the Weekly sub-tab shows only the current week. If you select a day in the previous week in the current pay period, Dayforce still shows only the current week in the Weekly sub-tab. See Navigate Work > Timesheet.

On days where you're scheduled to work, Dayforce automatically links the schedule and the worked shift. You can also populate your timesheet with your scheduled times by selecting the Add Shift to Schedule option in the add drop-down list:

Drop-down list showing the cursor hovering over the Add Shift To Schedule option.

When selected, Dayforce automatically populates that day with the scheduled shift times and adds the link to schedule icon () to the timesheet row.

After you link a scheduled shift to your timesheet, you can unlink the shift from your schedule by selecting Unlink From Schedule in the drop-down menu.