View Expiring Transactions

Employee Guide

View Expiring Transactions

If Dayforce is configured so that balance transactions expire after a specified amount of time (for example, if you work on a holiday, you're granted a lieu day that you must use within five weeks), you can view these transactions in the Expiring Transactions tab of the Balances panel. Dayforce shows any unused transactions that expire on or after the date of the request. This can help you to determine whether you have transactions that you need to use before they expire.

Note: Balance transactions expire on the expiry date. For example, if a lieu day off expires on March 16, you can request the lieu day time away on March 15, 2014 (that is, the day before the balance expires), but you can't request it on March 16 (that is, the day the time expires). By March 16, the time has already expired.