View Development Plans

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View Development Plans

In the Development Plans feature, you can view development plans in the following tabs:

  • Team plans: Contains the plans created for your employees (if you're a manager or administrator). For more information about this tab, see "Development Plan Management" in the Manager Guide.
  • My plans: Contains your own personal development plans.
  • Draft plans: Contains plans that you saved in draft form.

Development plans are displayed in these tabs as cards on a timeline, organized by start and due date.

Each development plan card provides a summary of the plan details, including a count of the assigned activities, the purpose, the status, and the name of the module in which the plan was created. You can click these cards to view each plan's full details.

Status Indicators for Development Plans

Dayforce displays each development plan's status on the plan card and in the plan details. This status is calculated based on the overall progress and due dates.

Development plan statuses
Status Description
Not started The plan is 0% completed (if there are activities, they are all in the Not Started state).
In progress The plan is on track to be completed by the due date (if there are activities, at least one has been started).
Completed The plan is 100% completed (if there are activities, they all have the Completed status).
At risk The plan progress is 10% or more behind the expected progress, calculated based on the due date.
Overdue The plan has passed the due date and isn't completed (if there are activities, at least one activity doesn't have the Completed status).

Filters for Development Plans

You can use the filter fields in the Development Plans feature to find specific plans.

Development plan filter settings
Filter Description
Period Filters plans based on the plan period.
Category Filters plans based on the Dayforce module in which they were created (for example, Performance).