View Competency Details

Employee Guide

View Competency Details

In the My Competency tab, click one of the competencies in the list to view more information. A slide-out panel opens for the competency, which includes your rating from the last performance review (if available), details about the competency, and a section for commenting on the competency.

Note: You can only view details for one competency at a time. Close the panel by clicking Close or the collapse arrow at the top left, or by pressing the Esc key.


The Competency Details section of the slide-out panel includes a competency description and a list of behaviors associated with a competency. Behaviors help you determine a rating and develop feedback to add for the competency. You can click the view more hyperlink to see all of the behaviors for the competency and the view less hyperlink to minimize them.


The Conversation section of the slide-out panel displays the conversations between you, your manager, and other authorized managers or administrators.

Note: Unlike with goals, activities related to competencies aren't displayed. For example, you won’t see an activity in the conversation section when an administrator changes the details of a competency.