Update Career Plan Progress

Employee Guide

Update Career Plan Progress

In the Career Explorer feature, you can update the progress for your career plans to help you track what you've completed and what still needs to be done.

If a plan has no activities, you can manually update the overall progress for the plan in the plan details. If a plan has activities, the overall progress is calculated automatically based on the activity progress.

Each activity carries the same weight towards the plan's overall progress percentage. So, for example, in a plan with two activities, each activity is worth 50%. When one activity is 100% complete, the overall progress for the plan is automatically updated to 50%.

To update a plan's progress:

  1. Find the plan that you want to update the progress for, and then click the card to view the plan details.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If there are no assigned activities, click Edit details, and then update the value in the Overall progress % field.
    • If there are assigned activities, click an activity card to view the activity details, click Edit, and then update the value in the Progress % field.
    • Note: If the activity has an assigned course or learning plan, you can complete the course either outside of Dayforce (for external courses) or in Dayforce (by clicking Take course). See Complete Learning Activities for Career Plans.
  3. Click Save.