Take Action on Goals

Employee Guide

Take Action on Goals

There are several actions that you can take for existing goals in Performance. In each tab, you access the list of available actions by clicking the action icon () in the goal panel.

The list of available actions depends on the tab that you’re viewing the goal in.

Actions available for goals
Action Description
Create Aligned Goal or Unalign Goal

If the goal is unaligned, Dayforce displays Create Aligned Goal. If the goal is aligned, Dayforce displays Unalign Goal. Select Create Aligned Goal and Dayforce opens a dialog box in which you can configure the details for a new child goal. See Create Aligned Goals. Select Unalign Goal and Dayforce displays a dialog box confirming that you want to unalign the goal from its parent goal. Click OK to close the dialog box and unalign the goal.


Select Edit and Dayforce displays the goal update wizard in which you can modify the existing goal’s details. If appropriate, a record of the goal activity is added in the conversations slide-out panel when you click Show Goal Updates.


Select Copy and Dayforce displays a dialog box with the copy options. Select the checkbox next to the goal components that you want to copy, and then click Copy. The application closes the options dialog box and displays the goal creation form, populated with the information that you copied. Enter values in the remaining fields, then click Finish.

Delete Select Delete and Dayforce displays a dialog box confirming that you want to delete the goal.