Tag Keywords in Conversations

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Tag Keywords in Conversations

In addition to tagging employees, you can also tag keywords, including goals or competencies, in your conversation using the "#" symbol. This allows you and other users to search conversations using these keywords. It also allows Dayforce to suggest these keywords when users create new conversations.

For example, you can add "sales" as a custom keyword by entering #sales in a conversation post. After you define it as a custom keyword, other users who enter #s in a conversation will see #sales as a suggested keyword.

You can tag multiple keywords in one comment. You must prefix each keyword with the "#" tag. This includes goals and competencies. When you enter the "#" symbol to add a tag, Dayforce displays a list of the most recent tags you've used. You can select one of these tags, or continue entering a different one.

In the example below, you tag the competency "Customer Focus," by entering #customer and Dayforce displays the competency "Customer Focus":

#customer displaying the competency Customer Focus in a tooltip.

You also include your "Customer Satisfaction Counts" goal in the conversation.

When you tag a goal or competency, its unique ID is also included in the message. This helps to ensure that you don't tag the wrong item with a similar name.

Once you have selected the tags, entered your message, and added any employees you want to include, click Post. Posted conversations are displayed on the Conversations tab.

The tagged competency and goal are easy to see at a glance because each has its own icon next to it. This conversation has the context of the Customer Focus competency, the Customer Satisfaction Counts goal, and employee Millie Ball. So, if you go to the Customer Focus competency in Performance > Competencies, you can see this conversation when you select employee Millie Ball:

Conversation in the Competencies tab.

Similarly, if you go to the Customer Satisfaction Counts goal in Performance > Goals, you will also see this conversation.

Note: You can only access and tag the goals and competencies to which you have access in the Goals and Competencies tabs. When you enter the "#" symbol in a conversation, Dayforce cannot suggest goals or competencies to which you don't have access.