Tag Employees in Conversations

Employee Guide

Tag Employees in Conversations

You can initiate a conversation with any employee by entering the employee name using the "@" tag. This functionality is available in all conversations across the Performance module.

When you type the "@" symbol to add a tag, Dayforce displays a list of the most recent employees that you've accessed. You can select one of these tags, or continue typing a different one. As you begin to type the employee's name, Dayforce displays a list of suggested employees in alphabetical order:

The "@" functionality being used to find employees.

In the example above, when you enter @a you can select Aaron H Holman from the list of suggested employees that Dayforce displays. If you don't see the employee that you're looking for in the list, you can narrow the results using an underscore. For example, you can search for user Aaron Whitby by entering @Aaron_W.

You can tag multiple employees in one comment. You must prefix each employee with the "@" tag:

Multiple employees tagged in a comment field.

If needed, you can also tag non-employee users when you add conversation posts in Performance. To tag a user role, enter the @ tag along with the user login ID. For example, you can enter @SysAdmin to tag the system administrator (a role that isn't tied to a specific employee) in the conversation.

Tagged employees don't automatically get access to the comments they are tagged in. Instead, who sees the comment depends on the visibility you set on it. See Set Conversation Visibility.