Swap Shifts

Employee Guide

Swap Shifts

To swap shifts:

  1. Go to Work > Calendar.
  2. Select the shift that you want to trade and click Shift trade > Swap shifts with a coworker. The Swap shifts with a coworker slide-out panel opens.
  3. In the Select a shift to swap section, select a shift.
  4. In the Search available shifts section:
    1. Select dates in the Start Date and End Date fields.
    2. In the Coworker drop-down list, select the coworker that you want to swap shifts with.
    3. If you have multiple job assignments or work at multiple locations, select options in the Job Assignment and Location drop-down lists.
    4. Click Search. Dayforce returns a list of all the shifts that you can swap with.
  5. Select the shift you want to pick up in exchange for yours.
  6. Click Post. Dayforce marks the shift with the shift posted icon ().

You're still scheduled to work the shift while the trade is pending. Check Work > Calendar frequently to see if your offered shift was picked up. If your coworker accepts the trade (and your supervisor approves it), Dayforce removes the shift from the calendar and adds the shift to your schedule.