Submit Vacation Bids

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Submit Vacation Bids

Before You Begin: Vacation bidding in Dayforce supports only full day and multiple day time away periods. You cannot bid on a partial day or half day.

After you’ve reviewed when you’re eligible to submit bids (and, if applicable, reviewed pending bids made by other employees), you can submit bids after your submission round or bidding window begins.

Regardless of the type of vacation bidding session you’re participating in (that is, a concurrent or sequential session), you bid on vacation periods the same way: by submitting a time away for work (TAFW) request for the appropriate period. When you create a time away request in Work > Time Away or Work > Calendar, select the appropriate option in the Reason drop-down list and select an eligible date range. If you selected an eligible TAFW reason and date range, Dayforce shows your rank in the bidding order to indicate that the period you selected can be bid on for vacation.

Note: Depending on your organization’s configuration of Dayforce, you might receive notifications informing you of your submission round and bidding window start and end times. You might also be notified when your bids are approved and denied.

The following topics describe how to submit vacation bids during each type of vacation bidding session, and how to view, edit, and remove your bids: