Sign Off on Your Review

Employee Guide

Sign Off on Your Review

Depending on your organization's review process, you'll typically need to provide a sign off on the review form. Sign off occurs after the review form is completed and is the last step in the review process. You'll receive a notification in Message Center when it's time to sign off on the review.

When you open the review, a Signature section and comment fields are at the end of the form.

To sign off on the review form:

  1. Go to Performance > Reviews and click the review name.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the review form and select the checkbox next to your name in the Signature section.
  3. Click Complete Review.
  4. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK. A confirmation message is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and you're returned back to the Reviews screen.

Once you sign off on the review, a notification is sent to your manager to let them know that they need to sign off next. However, if there is no manager signature step in the review process, then you and your manager both receive a notification that the review is completed.