Send Peer Review Invitations

Employee Guide

Send Peer Review Invitations

When a review cycle is published, you can invite your peers to complete a review (if it's configured for you to do so).

To send peer review invitations: 

  1. Go to Performance > Reviews.
  2. In the My Reviews tab, in the Review Cycle column, select a review. The application opens the review form in the review slide-out panel.
  3. In the Peer Reviews section at the top of the panel, click Invite to Review. The Peers wizard opens in the Select Peers tab.
  4. Select the checkbox next to each peer that you want to invite. You must select at least the minimum number of peers for the review, as displayed below the Peer Reviews section heading in the form:
  5. Peer reviews form showing minimum number of invites required.
  6. If a peer has already been invited to complete the maximum number of reviews, Dayforce grays out the checkbox beside their name.
  7. Click Next. Dayforce opens the Add/Edit Peer Details tab.
  8. Do the following for each person in the list:
    1. In the Peer Type column, select a peer type in the drop-down list.
    2. In the Review Sections column, select which review sections you want the reviewers to complete using the Review Sections drop-down list. You must assign each peer reviewer at least one section to complete.
  9. Click Next. Dayforce displays the Compose Message tab.
  10. Enter the message that will be sent to reviewers and then click Finish.
  11. If manager approval is required for your peer review selections, your manager receives a notification in Message Center. If manager approval isn't required, the status changes to Pending Review.
  12. Note: Each peer that you selected receives a notification of the invitation in Message Center.