Select Your Choices

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Select Your Choices

Important: If you elect multiple options in a section, all options will remain selected unless you manually clear them. If you exceed the number of options that you can elect for a section, an error message appears when you try to go to the next screen of the enrollment.

Your enrollment contains plan options from which you can elect your choices. Depending on the different plan option types included in your enrollment, and the way in which they were configured, you might see all or some of the fields and settings described below:

Enrollment elections page.

You elect an option, or option set, under each of the sections you're eligible for:

Medical plan options

In the example above, you're eligible for four medical options. The green checkmark icon () indicates that you're currently enrolled in that option. You can sort the displayed options by name or cost.

Compare Choices

You can also compare multiple options by selecting the checkboxes on the right and clicking Compare Selected.

.Medical plan options compared.

Dayforce tallies the costs of any of the options you selected next to the shopping cart icon. To view detailed information on the costs, click the icon to view your Shopping Cart.

Additional Details

Some options, such as life and disability or retirement options, have additional details. You can view these details by electing the option, or by clicking Show Details:

Option with the Show Details button.

You can configure your coverage or contribution amounts, and define dependents and beneficiaries in the Option Details screen. The screen also includes the Your Current Elections section. It displays the options of the same type in which you're already enrolled, so

that you can compare them with the options you're about to elect:

Life and disability plan option showing the coverage amount, beneficiaries, and your cost details.

For reimbursement and retirement options, your election might include a monthly, annual, or per pay contribution. The contribution basis is indicated in the short description of the option and in the option details:

Parking option with a monthly contribution.

Details of a parking option showing your monthly contribution and the estimated total annual amount.

Automatic Enrollments

You might be automatically enrolled in certain health, life and disability, or retirement options (for example, 401(k), pension scheme, or RRSP) before you access your enrollment. If you've already been enrolled, these options will have a green checkmark icon () next to them. In some cases, these options will be preselected for you, and your ability to change these selections will depend on how your employer has set them up.

For example, in the following image, you have been automatically enrolled in a basic, employer-paid health option; however, you can select another option:

Preselected auto-enroll health option and another available option.

Conversely, in the image below, you have been automatically enrolled in an employer-paid basic life insurance option, and you can't change the selection:

Preselected basic life insurance option.

Typically, you can access these options again at any time to update your contribution levels or opt out of these elections entirely, where allowed by your employer. Opting out is often made possible by way of a Waived option that you can select:

Waive option in the employee enrollment.

Your Current Elections

You can see all of the options in which you're currently enrolled at any time during enrollment by clicking Your Current Elections at the top right of the screen. When you click the button, Dayforce displays the Your Current Elections slide-out panel:

Elections page of an enrollment with the Your Current Elections slide-out panel open.