Schedule Acceptance

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Schedule Acceptance

In Dayforce, schedule acceptance is the process of signing off on changes made to your posted schedule. You can approve changes that work with your schedule, and reject changes that might conflict with other commitments.

When your manager makes a change to your posted schedule, you receive a schedule change offer in Work > Calendar. Dayforce marks shifts that have schedule change offers with the pending icon ():

When a change is made to your posted schedule, you can view the schedule change offer in Work > Calendar. Shifts with a schedule change offer are marked with the pending icon ():

Weekly calendar view with three shifts containing the pending icon.

View Schedule Change Offers

To view details on a schedule change offer, click a shift and then click View details > Schedule Offers. A slide-out panel opens that shows all of your pending schedule change offers. Click a schedule change offer to view additional details:

Slide-out panel showing expanded schedule offer details such as the location and job.

The screenshot above shows the expanded schedule offer details for a shift. The Current Schedule section doesn’t show any details, which means that a new shift was added to this employee’s posted schedule.

You can respond to your schedule acceptance offers in Message Center and in Work > Calendar. See Manage Schedule Acceptance Offers.

Schedule Acceptance Notifications

Role feature access: Profile > Profile Menu > Settings > Preferences

In Profile, you can manage your preferences for schedule acceptance notifications. For example, you can change your preferences so that you receive an email when your manager sends a schedule acceptance offer, and a text notification when they revoke one.

To update your notification preferences:

  1. Go to Profile and click Settings > Notifications.
  2. Select or clear the Message Center, Email, and Text Message checkboxes for the following notification types:
    • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Accepted
    • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Expired
    • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Sent
    • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Rejected
    • Schedule Acceptance – Schedule Offer Revoked
  3. Click Save.