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Request Time Away

You can request time away from work for a single day or a range of dates in Work > Time Away List.

When you make a time away from work request, you specify a reason, such as vacation time or sick leave. The reason that you select determines how you're paid for the time. It can also determine whether you're allowed to request the time away from work, because Dayforce tracks how much time you’ve taken away from work for each reason. It then compares this amount against how much time you're allowed. You can’t use a time away from work reason if you already used up your accrued time for that reason.

All of these details—which reasons are available, how you’re paid for time away, and how much time away you’re allowed for each reason—are set by your management and preconfigured in Dayforce. You should select the most appropriate reason for your time away, because it can impact how you’re paid. For example, if you have paid vacation time but your personal days are unpaid, then the reason you select will impact your pay.

Note: Depending on the configuration, you might not see all of the functionality described here.

To request time away from work:

  1. Go to Work > Time Away List and click Request New Time Off.
  2. In the Create Time Off Request slide-out panel, select the reason for the time away.
  3. Select the dates that you're requesting away from work.
  4. In the Type of Request section, select an option:
    • All Day
    • Half Day
    • Partial Day
  5. Note: Depending on how Dayforce is configured, some of these options might be unavailable.
  6. If you select Partial Day, Dayforce adds time fields to the request:
  7.  Type of Request section with Partial Day selected and fields for the requested duration.
  8. Enter the start and end times of your request directly in the Start and End fields or click the clock icon to select the desired time in the drop-down list.
  9. To view information about your available balances, click the expand icon (). The Balances section expands.
  10. (Optional) In the Employee Comments field, enter additional information. Dayforce sends your comments to your manager along with the time away from work request.
  11. Click Submit.

After you submit a time away from work request, Dayforce sends it to your manager for review and approval. When it’s approved, Dayforce marks this time on the calendar your manager uses to create schedules. That way, your manager knows to schedule you around your time away from work.

With each time away request, Dayforce shows the dates requested off and the reason for the time away from work. Approved requests are marked with a green checkmark, rejected requests are shown with a red “X”, and requests your manager hasn’t responded to yet are shown with an orange circle and labeled Pending:

Time Away List screen showing time away requests with Pending and Approved statuses.

To cancel your time away, expand the request in the list and click Cancel Request.

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