Request Advance Pay for Time Away

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Request Advance Pay for Time Away

If advance pay is configured in your time off policy, you can request advance pay when you create a time away request. Dayforce automatically determines whether the advance payout occurs one or two pay periods ahead based on the dates of your vacation and the date on which you submit the request. So, if the time away from work request is made two pay periods in advance of the cutover date for that pay period, Dayforce processes and pays out the amount two pay periods in advance. However, if the request is made in the last week before the vacation begins, the payout is made one pay period before the vacation. Usually advance payouts are made two pay periods in advance; the only time advance payouts are made one pay period in advance is for last-minute requests.

When you submit a request for advance pay, Dayforce respects the settings in your time off policy. For more information on advance pay, or to determine if your organization supports it, contact your manager.

To request an advance payout:

  1. Go to Work > Time Away List and click Request New Time Off.
  2. In the Reason drop-down list, select a pay code that is configured for advance pay. When you select a pay code that is configured for advance pay and you meet the advance pay threshold requirements configured by your administrator, Dayforce shows additional Advance Pay options:
  3. Time away request showing the Advance Pay section.
  4. For more information on which pay codes are configured in this way and what the advance pay threshold requirements are for location, contact your manager or system administrator.
  5. Dayforce automatically calculates the maximum amount you can receive as a payout. Depending on how your time off policy is configured, you might be able to specify a smaller payout in the Pay Amount field. For example, if your maximum payout is $288.46, but you request $100, you would receive a payout of $100 in the last pay period before your vacation. Then, while you're on vacation, you will be paid your normal amount, minus the $100 you already received:
  6. Advance Pay section showing $100 in the Pay Amount field.
  7. Note: You can’t specify a value larger than the maximum amount that Dayforce has calculated.
  8. Specify the additional time away from work options as described in the previous sections and then click Submit.