Record Time Against Projects

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Record Time Against Projects

To record time that you worked against different projects in Employee Timesheet, you need to record a transfer to account for the time that you started working on the project.

For example, consider a 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM shift that required you to stop work on your regular duties and start work on a project after your lunch break at 1:00 PM. In this scenario, you would record a transfer at 1:00 PM and select the project that you worked on.

After you click the project field, Dayforce shows a drop-down list of the child projects that you have access to:

Project drop-down list showing child projects without a project hierarchy.

Hierarchical View

Depending on how Dayforce is configured, you might be able to view a hierarchical version of the projects that you have access to, including their parent projects. To enable this functionality, go to the Options panel and select the Show Projects in Hierarchical View checkbox.

When enabled, the project icon () appears next to the project field. Click the icon to open the project dialog box where you can search for projects and view each project you have access to. You can click a parent project to expand it and view its child projects, when available:

Project dialog box showing a project hierarchy containing parent and child projects.

Note: If your organization has a large number of projects, Dayforce might not load all projects by default. In this scenario, use the search field to locate your projects.

Additionally, when you enable this view and select a child project, Dayforce shows the child project and its top-level parent project in the project field. In the following screenshot, the Cleanup project is selected and shown with the Renovations parent project, which is at the top of the hierarchy:

Project field with a child project and its parent project defined.