Record Beneficiaries

Employee Guide

Record Beneficiaries

You can add, remove, or edit beneficiary information in the Current Beneficiary Information form:

Current beneficiary information.

To open the Add New Beneficiary panel, click Add. If you have added dependents in the Current Dependent Information form, you can select the dependent as your beneficiary when you click Add:

Dependent shown to select as beneficiary.

You can enter your beneficiary's personal information, primary address, other address, and phone number in the Add New Beneficiary panel.

When you add new beneficiaries in an enrollment, the beneficiaries are saved in Dayforce immediately when the enrollment is submitted even if an approval workflow is assigned to the enrollment. If the Current Beneficiary Information form is submitted outside an enrollment, the assigned workflow will apply. For existing beneficiaries, you can access this panel by clicking View/Edit.

To edit or delete each section in the Add New Beneficiary and Edit Beneficiary panels, click the icons next to the section:

Primary address edit icon highlighted.

To add or remove beneficiaries, click Add Designation or Remove Designation in the appropriate election.

You can update the Type or Percentage value for your beneficiary by double-clicking the cell.