Publish Draft Development Plans

Employee Guide

Publish Draft Development Plans

When you're ready to publish a draft plan, you can do so from the Draft plans tab of the Development Plans feature.

Before You Begin: Before publishing, ensure that all of the required information is included in the plan details. You can open a development plan and then click Edit details to review the required fields.

To publish a draft plan:

  1. Go to Development Plans and click the Draft plans tab.
  2. Find the plan that you want to publish, and then click the card to view its details.
  3. Click Publish plan.

When you publish a draft plan, it's moved from the Draft plan tab to the My plans tab.

If there was any progress saved for the plan in draft form, it's automatically reflected in the status and plan details when you publish.

Note: Before publishing a draft, the progress is always zero and the status is always set to Not started (even if progress was saved in the plan details).