Print a Review Form

Employee Guide

Print a Review Form

To print the review form:

  1. Go to Performance > Reviews and open the review form.
  2. Click Print. The Print Options dialog box opens.
  3. Select the checkboxes to include additional information in the print out:
    • Goal Description: Includes the description under the goal name.
    • Goal Comments: Includes the comments added by the employee (under the goal rating).
    • Sectional Ratings: Includes the average rating for each section.
    • Competency Description: Includes the description under the competency name.
    • Competency Behaviors: Includes the Behaviors section under the competency description.
    • Competency Comments: Includes the comments under the competency rating.
    • Approval History and Comments: Includes the Approval Process section of the review form.
    • Overall Comments: Includes the Overall Comments section (which is typically at the end of the form).
  4. Note: Use the Select All and Select None options in the Select drop-down list for easier selection.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Your browser's print dialog box is displayed, where you can define settings and print the file as needed.