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Print Reviews

You can print review forms in Performance > Overview or Performance > Reviews.

Performance doesn't support the browser print function. For example, if you click File > Print or press Ctrl+P, the form prints in an incorrect format. As a result, you should always print the review form using the Print button at the bottom of the review slide-out panel.

If the review is complete, Dayforce displays “Review Completed Date” in the top right corner of the print out, with the date that the last review step was completed. If the review is incomplete, Dayforce displays “Print Date” on the print out, with the current date (the date that you print the review form).

To print a review form:

  1. Open the review slide-out panel.
  2. Click Print. The Print options dialog box opens.
  3. (Optional) Select or clear the checkboxes to indicate which additional information you'd like to include. You can also use the Select drop-down list to select all of the checkboxes or clear all of the checkboxes as needed.
  4. Click Print.