Pervasive Learning in Performance

Employee Guide

Pervasive Learning in Performance

You can access and take training directly from the various Performance features, including Conversations, Goals, and Reviews. This type of training is called pervasive learning because you can access it without needing to go to the Learning feature. If this training is available to you, Dayforce shows a banner in the lower right corner of the screen with a Learn More button you can click to access the training:

Banner with the Learn More button.

Before You Begin: This feature must be configured by your administrator and is available only if you’re eligible to access the training.

To access pervasive learning:

  1. In Performance, click one of the tabs you are working with.
  2. If learning is available, the pervasive learning banner is in the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Click Learn More in the banner to view the list of available courses.
  4. To access a course and its training materials, click Launch Course. After you launch all of the courses, the banner changes to a book icon, which you can click to access the courses again.