Performance Review Components

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Performance Review Components

Manager review forms and self review forms include the following components.

Components in performance review forms
Component Description
Conversations icons The conversations icon () appears in the review form header and in each goal, competency, and development plan. Clicking the icon opens a dialog box that displays its conversations.
Employee drop-down list The employee drop-down list is displayed in the top right of the form. Use the employee drop-down list to cycle through the other employees assigned to the same review cycle.
Employee navigation arrows You can use the left and right arrows (found in the form header) to go to the previous or next employee assigned to the same review cycle.
Expand/Collapse You can expand or collapse each section and items within a section by clicking the expand ( ) or collapse ( ) icons.

Form header

The form header displays the following information and icons:

  • The employee's name.
  • The employee's job assignment (from their primary work assignment).
  • The job description () icon next to the employee's job assignment opens a dialog box showing the job description (if available).
  • The period covered by the review cycle.
  • The due date of the current review step.
  • The average rating of the review (unless the review is configured without ratings).
  • An attachments icon indicating the number of attachments that are linked to the employee.
  • A conversation icon indicating the number of conversations that are linked to the employee.
  • Navigation arrows to jump to other employees in the review cycle.


The review form contains many different items. Some are nested in sections, some stand on their own. The following are considered to be single items by Dayforce:

  • Ratings on goals, competencies, or a rating scale question.
  • Comments on goals, competencies, or a rating scale question.
  • All questions.
  • Any additional comment fields that pop up when you answer a question.
  • The overall comments section.
Items reviewed count The Items reviewed count is displayed at the top of the review form. It indicates how many items have been reviewed and how many are left to complete.

Item Status Icon

Each item in the review form displays an item status icon that indicates what state the item is in. This can help you track your progress as you move through the review form or return to the form at a later time.

Status icons
Icon Status
In progress icon. In Progress
Completed icon. Completed
Incomplete icon. Incomplete

History icon

If configured, the history icon () is displayed when historical information is available for historical comments and ratings from previous performance reviews. Clicking the icon opens the Review History dialog box where you can scroll through the information from previous reviews.

Note: For rating scales, if the rating scale was different in the past review, Dayforce converts the rating into the rating scale used for this review.

Not Applicable checkbox

(Managers and Administrators only)

If available, the Not Applicable checkbox lets you exclude a goal, competency, or development plan from the employee's review, and from the average rating calculation for that section. For example, marking an item as not applicable could be useful if the employee is considered too new to rate or if you don't want performance on a certain item to impact the section rating.

This checkbox is only available if the Allow managers to mark review items as Not Applicable checkbox is selected for the relevant review cycle in Performance Setup > Review Setup > Review Cycles.

Note: Goals marked as not applicable aren't included in the printed review form.

Sections The review form can contain any number of different sections. Each section has a header that lists the section name and (if applicable) the section's average rating.

Goal sections

The review form can contain one or more goal sections. These sections automatically display an employee's goals from Performance > Goals based on the goal categories configured for the review by the administrator.

Competency sections The review form can contain one or more competency sections. These sections automatically display an employee's competencies from Performance > Competencies based on how the competency is assigned to the employee, and which categories were configured for the review by the administrator. For example, a competency section can be configured to only include an employee's job-based competencies.

Development Plan section

The review form can contain the Development Plan section. This section might show one or more of the employee’s existing development plans, based on the plan purposes configured for the review. It might also provide the option to add new plans.

See Performance Development Plans.

Additional questions section

The review form can contain one or more additional question sections. These types of sections contain one or more custom questions and are typically used to rate employee performance on core competencies or behaviors. They can also be used to collect supplementary information.

Questions marked with a red asterisk are mandatory and you cannot submit the review without completing them.