Performance Review Approval Process

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Performance Review Approval Process

Your organization can link an approval process to the performance review process. Organizations typically require an approval process to occur after a review form is submitted and before the employee and manager sign-off on the review. For example, an organization can require that HR approves all reviews that employees submit.

Organizations can link an approval process either to the employee self review or manager review steps. Moreover, they can only link the approval process to one step of each review cycle. They cannot link it to both the employee self review and manager review.

The following is an example of a review cycle with an approval process that is linked to the employee review step. The order in which the steps are listed below is the order in which they occur during the review cycle:

  • Self review
  • Approval process
  • Employee signature
  • Manager signature

In this example, the approval process begins when you submit your self review. If HR approves the review, then the review enters the employee signature step. However, if HR rejects it, the review is sent back to you, and you can resubmit it with the necessary changes.