Overview of Performance Reviews

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Overview of Performance Reviews

In Performance, there's a standard review process that can include these four steps:

  • Employee self review
  • Manager review
  • Employee signature
  • Manager signature

Here's an example of an organization's annual review cycle for 2022:

  • You complete your self review between Sept 15 to Sept 30, 2022.
  • Your manager completes their manager review portion from Sept 15 to Oct 15, 2022.
  • You and your manager meet and sign off on your review between Oct 15 to Oct 31, 2022.

As an employee, you're responsible for completing the self review form and then signing off on the review.

Note: The steps included in the review, and when they occur, depend on how your organization uses Performance. For example, some organizations might not include the self review step in their review process at all or might only include a self review and no manager review.

A typical review process in Performance includes the following features:

  • You and your manager receive notifications to Message Center and email when an action is required at various stages in the review process. For example, you'll receive a notification when the self review period begins.
  • The My Reviews sub-tab of the Reviews tab provides a dashboard for you to work on your reviews and access past reviews.
  • The Overview screen of Performance shows your reviews, goals, conversations and more, all on one screen.
  • During the review period, you complete a self review form. It can contain sections where you rate goals that you worked on during the review period. It can also contain sections for rating competencies, answering supplementary questions, and providing overall comments. A rating can also be calculated as you complete the form. See Performance Review Components.
  • Important: Your manager can see any work you've done on the form as soon as you save changes to it. That way, you can get feedback on your review before you submit it.
  • Once you submit the self review and your manager completes the manager review, you need to sign off on the review form. When you open the review form during the sign-off step, Dayforce displays the manager review side-by-side with your review. The manager completes the same sections as you.
  • After examining the manager review you can scroll to the bottom of the form and electronically sign off on the review.
  • When the review is done, it remains available in Performance for you to refer back to or to print.