Navigate Work > Timesheet

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Navigate Work > Timesheet

To go to different periods in the timesheet, click the selected period above the toolstrip:

Cursor hovering over the loaded period shown at the top of the feature screen.

Clicking the date opens a drop-down calendar from which you can go to another period by clicking the desired day:

Drop-down calendar with selectable dates.

If you go to a locked or transmitted pay period, Dayforce shows an informational message:

Message indicating that the pay period is closed.

View Timesheets by Pay Period

Role feature access: Work > Timesheet > Load by Pay Period

When Dayforce is configured to show timesheets by pay period, weekly information cards appear above your timesheets:

Pay period with two weeks of duration timesheets loaded below the weekly information cards.

Each information card provides an overview of the dates included in the week, the number of hours worked, and the estimated number of holiday hours (if available). Dayforce also shows the read-only Period Totals information card that provides the dates of the total pay period and the number of hours worked.

Depending on your pay frequency, Dayforce shows additional timesheet rows. In the screenshot above, an employee’s pay period is two weeks so Dayforce shows timesheet rows for the two weeks included in the loaded pay period. Additionally, Dayforce shows an information card for each week in the pay period above the employee’s timesheets.

You can select a weekly information card and populate the week’s timesheets using pre-existing data, such as copying timesheets from a template and using the default times from a shift rotation assignment. Click the down arrow in the weekly information card for the week that you want to edit and Dayforce shows the editing options in a drop-down list:

Editing options in the drop-down list including Copy from Previous Week and Copy to Template.