Manage Schedule Acceptance Offers

Employee Guide

Manage Schedule Acceptance Offers

When your manager makes a change to your schedule that requires schedule acceptance, you can respond to the offer in Message Center or in Work > Calendar.

If you accept a schedule acceptance offer, the change is immediately reflected on your schedule. However, if you reject or ignore a schedule acceptance offer, your schedule remains as it was originally posted.

When you respond to schedule acceptance offers, you must approve or reject all of the existing schedule acceptance offers for the week at once. You can’t approve or reject individual schedule acceptance offers.

Message Center

In Message Center, you can view your schedule acceptance offers from your inbox. When you click an offer, the message expands to show more details:

Expanded schedule acceptance offer message, showing details such as location, job, and pay code.

To respond to the offer, enter your response and then click Accept or Reject.

Work > Calendar

In Work > Calendar, Dayforce shows the pending icon () next to shifts that contain a schedule acceptance offer.

To respond to schedule acceptance offers:

  1. Go to Work > Calendar and load a calendar.
  2. Do the following, depending on your calendar view:
    • In the Week View, click Accept or Reject in the toolstrip.
    • In the Calendar Month View, open the Select drop-down list and click Select All. Then, click Accept or Reject in the toolstrip.
  3. In the dialog box that opens, enter a comment in the Response field.
  4. Submit your response.

When you respond to your schedule acceptance offers, your manager receives a notification in Message Center with the following information:

  • Whether you accepted or rejected the offer.
  • Details on the accepted or rejected shift changes.
  • Any comments that you entered.