Goals Section

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Goals Section

In the Overview tab of Performance, the Goals section shows a list of goals that are assigned to you (personal, team, and organizational). Goals are listed in reverse chronological order and according to the following priority sequence:

  • Goals with the nearest upcoming due date, regardless of the progress. When goals have the same due date, they are displayed in the order that they were published.
  • Goals that don't have a due date defined in their details. These goals display an Unknown due date value.

You can click a goal's name to open it in the Goals tab.

Status Colors

Each goal is shown with a colored border to the left of its name, which indicates the goal's status.

Colors indicating the goal status
Color Goal Status

Not Started


On Track


At Risk





Progress Bar

Each goal is shown with a progress bar. You can hover the cursor over the progress bar to see a tooltip with an explanation of the risk associated with the status.

If a goal has the None measure type, Dayforce doesn't display a progress bar in the Overview tab. Instead, it displays the actual status of the goal (such as Not Started, On Track, or Completed).

Goal Conversations

Each goal is shown with a conversation icon, which helps you identify new conversations or comments added to your goals:

Goals section with the conversations icon indicating new activity for a goal.

In the example above, the second goal has two new conversations. When you click the new conversation icon (), Dayforce displays a conversation slide-out panel, where you can view all of the conversations in reverse chronological order. The next time you log in, the new conversations icon is replaced with the regular conversation icon for that goal.

Note: See Goal Management.