Goal Management

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Goal Management

With the goal management features of Performance, you can create, align, and update goals. You can also engage in conversations with your manager and track goal progress that can later be accessed in the review.

There are two types of goals in Performance:

  • Personal Goals: Personal goals are goals that you create for yourself, or that a manager creates for you. As an employee, goals you create in Performance are always personal goals. Meanwhile, your manager can create and assign you to goals that are also assigned to other members of your team.
  • Note: In Performance, you can't see information about other employees on your team. Performance management is between you, your manager, and other authorized users.
  • Organizational Goals: Organizational goals are goals that the entire organization works towards. These goals are typically created by users at higher levels in the organization (such as performance administrators or certain managers), and require special access to create. In the Organizational Goals tab, you can see all organizational goals in your entire organization, regardless of who created them. You can also align personal goals to organizational goals.