Get Help with Your Choices

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Get Help with Your Choices

Before You Begin: This tool is only available if your employer offers health plans in the United States, and the tool only assesses medical plans.

If your employer has enabled this feature, when you go to the Elections screen of your enrollment, Dayforce displays the option to get help with making your medical selections:

Decision support banner in the employee enrollment.

Note: This tool is meant solely to help you with the process of selecting medical options. You aren't required to select your medical options based on the results generated by this process.

When you click Help Me Decide, Dayforce takes you through a four or five-step questionnaire to help determine what kinds of services you anticipate using and how often. Each step includes instructional videos that you can watch to help you understand the question better.

When you submit your answers, a ranking of the options you're eligible for is displayed:

Decision support results in the employee enrollment.

Note: The ranking only includes medical options that your employer has included for recommendation. This might not include all of the medical options that you're eligible for.

Your results are ranked, and each option in your results has a value score and estimated total annual cost to help you compare them. Multiple results might have the same value score. Also, Dayforce uses Best Value and Lowest Cost indicators to show you which options meet those standards for your situation (in the example above, both of these apply to one option). These indicators are also displayed on those options in the main Elections screen.

In each result, you can click Show Cost Details to expand a section that shows your estimated annual premium, out-of-pocket expenses, and employer contributions to a reimbursement account, if applicable. To close the section, click Hide Cost Details:

Cost details for a decision support result expanded.

If applicable, a suggested contribution for a reimbursement account is displayed in each result as well. You can click View Contribution Details to open a dialog box with more information:

Suggested Contribution Amount dialog box for a healthcare savings account.

The information shown in the dialog box differs depending on whether the reimbursement account is a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If applicable, this dialog box also displays employer match information. You can update your answers in the questionnaire to see how it affects these contribution suggestions.

If your results have more than three options, use the scrollbar at the bottom of the Your Results dialog box to see them.

When you click Select, Dayforce selects that option for you, closes the results dialog box, and takes you to back to the main Elections screen. If you need to add more details for that option, Dayforce takes you to the Option Details dialog box for that option instead. Enter and save the required details or click Cancel to close the option details. Then, you can continue with selecting the rest of your benefit options. This selection process is discussed in the next section, Select Your Choices.

If you're already enrolled in one of the options included in your results, Dayforce displays the green current election icon () on that result, and the Select button isn't enabled. If you want to keep this option selected, click Close in the Your Results dialog box to return to the main Elections screen.

You can also choose not to select any of the recommended options; click Close in the Your Results dialog box to return to the main Elections screen.

Important: If you already have another option selected when you select one of your results, both options will remain selected unless you manually clear one of them.

When your elections include results from this questionnaire, you can have Dayforce display those results sorted by rank, in the main Elections screen. To do this, click Option Rank Descending in the medical options section. The rest of your available options are sorted by option name.

You can access your results again any time while you're still in the enrollment, but the results are deleted if you submit your enrollment, save a draft, or leave the enrollment. This ensures that Dayforce is always using the most up to date information for you when generating results. You're encouraged to update your answers as often as you need to during the enrollment process to make sure that you're getting the best value.

Note: If your employer has enabled this feature, it's recommended that you enter all possible dependents in the Profile section of your enrollment, even if you don't currently plan to cover those dependents with your benefits. This allows you to answer the questions in different ways (for example, covering just yourself versus covering yourself and dependents, adding more benefit services) to determine the cost, and potentially compare that with the cost on a partner's or spouse's plan.

If you complete the questionnaire, and then go back and add dependents in the Profile screen, you must update your answers in the questionnaire to get relevant results. For example, if you selected Employee Only as who you plan to cover, and then added dependents in your enrollment, you need to change your answer in the questionnaire, to reflect that you plan to cover dependents, for your results to change.