Flex Credit Plan Selections

Employee Guide

Flex Credit Plan Selections

In the Your Selections section, you can view the following details for flex credit plans:

  • The total flex credit amount provided for all selected plan options.
  • Your plan options selected in each election set and the annual premium for the options.
  • The remaining flex credit allocations.
  • The total annual cost of all selected flex credit plans.
  • The flex credit amount used.
  • The flex credit amount balance.
  • Your total annual cost.
  • Your cost (if annual cost is greater than zero) and the pay frequency.

When you select option bundles that contain both flex credit and non-flex credit options, additional details show in the Your Selections section. See Option Bundles with Flex Credit Plans.

You can also view any additional plan selections that aren’t linked to flex credit benefits.

The Total Flex Credits Provided label shows the total flex credit amount available for all your selections. This amount changes as you proceed with the enrollment based on the options you select. To view the flex credit amount details for each election set, click the information icon next to Total Flex Credits Provided. The information icon shows only when you select flex credit plans from multiple election sets.