Enter Worked Time against Projects

Employee Guide

Enter Worked Time against Projects

You can enter the hours that you worked against different projects in Work > Timesheet:

Employee's timesheet marking time worked on the Inventory project.

The information that you need to enter on the timesheet when recording time against projects is described below.

Before You Begin: Depending on how Dayforce is configured, you might not see all of the options or settings described here. For more information, see your system administrator.

Job Assignment

Select the job assignment to record the specified hours against. Dayforce lists only the job assignments you are qualified to perform. The job assignment you select must be eligible to work the project you are logging time against.


Select the project to record your time against. Projects are used to track what you were working on during your day. They can represent recurring tasks, like quarterly inventories, specific initiatives like opening a new location, or any effort or group of tasks that your location tracks labor against.

Depending on how Dayforce is configured, projects might show up differently when you click the Project field. There are two types of project views: the standard view and hierarchical view.

  • Standard View: The Project field shows a drop-down list of the child projects that you have access to:
  • Projects drop-down list showing only child projects.
  • Hierarchical View: This view is shown when the Show Projects in Hierarchical View checkbox is selected in the Options dialog box. See View Options. When enabled, the Project field contains a project icon () which you can click to view projects in a hierarchy. The hierarchy shows all parent projects and their child projects that you have access to. You can also use the search field to search for projects in large hierarchies:
  • Projects dialog box showing the search field and a hierarchy of projects.
  • Note: If your organization has a large number of projects configured, Dayforce might not load all projects by default. In this scenario, use the search field to locate your projects.
  • Additionally, when this view is enabled and you select a child project, Dayforce shows the child project and its top-level parent project in the Project field. In the following screenshot, the Planning project is selected and shown with the Renovations parent project, which is at the top of the hierarchy:
  • Project field showing the Renovations parent project and Planning child project.


Select the docket to record your project time against. Dockets are used in Dayforce to track logged time against some quantity of work produced.

Pay Code

Select the pay code to record your project time against. Pay codes represent the work you were performing for the submitted period of time.


(Optional) Enter any comments in the Comments field. To record time against different jobs, projects, dockets and pay codes, you can add additional rows to the weekly timesheet. On each row, you can specify a different combination of jobs, projects, dockets and pay codes to record the inputted hours against.