Enter Time in Employee Timesheet

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Enter Time in Employee Timesheet

In Employee Timesheet, you can enter your work for scheduled shifts by clicking the green checkmark icon () next to the shift’s start and end times. When you click the checkmark, it’s replaced by an up and down arrow:

Shift with the up and down arrow icons next to its scheduled start time.

Note: Any changes that you make might require manager approval. For more information, talk to your supervisor.

You can adjust the scheduled times by entering a new time directly in the field, or by clicking the up and down arrows.

To add an unscheduled shift that you worked, click the add shift icon in the cell for the day, or click the down arrow and click Add New Shift in the drop-down list. Dayforce adds a new shift, which you can edit in the same way that you would a scheduled shift. If you work more than one shift in a day, click Add New Shift again to add a second shift.