Enrollment with Flex Credit Benefits

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Enrollment with Flex Credit Benefits

Before You Begin: You can select benefit plans where flex credit benefits apply only for mobile and web enrollments in Canada.

If your benefits administrator configured benefit plans for the enrollment where flex credit benefits apply, in the plan option selection screens, Dayforce shows a banner indicating the availability of flex credits. The option cards show the annual employee premium amount for each plan option.

When you select an option, the banner shows the total flex credit amount available for the selected tier, which can be used towards the options. The total flex credit amount shown in the banner depends on your enrollment configuration and the selected plan options in each election set. For example, if you choose plan options associated with different flex credit plans, the total flex credit amount shown is the sum of the flex credit amounts from the various plans. Alternatively, if you select plan options associated with the same flex credit plan, the total flex credit amount is determined by the higher tier.

The total flex credit amount is also shown in the Your Selections section under Flex Credit Plans. See Flex Credit Plan Selections.

You can go back in the enrollment and change your covered dependents and option selections. If you change your covered dependents, Dayforce updates the tier, plan options, and the flex credit amount.

If benefit plans aren’t linked to flex credit plans, the option cards show your cost and the pay frequency instead of the annual premium.

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