Enrollment Next Steps

Employee Guide

Enrollment Next Steps

The Next Steps screen shows after you submit your enrollment.

You can view the following details if configured for the enrollment and based on your selections:

  • Next steps after enrollment
  • Event details only for Mobile and Web - Life Event Enrollments
  • Dependent changes
  • Summary
  • Tobacco status
  • Your elections
  • Dependents and beneficiaries
  • Your costs
  • Employer costs

If your selected plans require dependent verification, a banner shows to provide supporting documents for verification. Click the View Details link in the banner and a message shows. If you proceed to the Dependent Verification screen to upload documents for verification, you cannot go back to review the enrollment. See Dependent Verification.

Depending on how your enrollment was set up, your summary might also include a list of options in which you were already enrolled before you began this enrollment. Dayforce shows these options at the bottom of the Summary screen in a section called Already-Enrolled Options.

Click Return to Benefits after your enrollment is complete, and Dayforce takes you to the Overview tab of Benefits.