Enrollment Impacted Dependents

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Enrollment Impacted Dependents

The Impacted Dependents screen shows only for Mobile and Web - Life Event Enrollments. In this screen, you can select dependents impacted by the event selected in the Event Details screen. The section name shows either Newly eligible dependent(s) or Dependent(s) losing coverage based on the type of event selected. If you selected the type of event as None of the above, Dayforce doesn’t show the Impacted Dependents screen.

In the Dependent Information screen, you can add, remove, and edit dependents based on the access authorization set for your role. Any dependent you removed shows a Removed tag next to the name in the Impacted Dependents screen. You can also select removed dependents as impacted dependents.

In the Impacted Dependents screen, you must select at least one dependent to continue with the enrollment. If there are no dependents to select, go back to the Dependent Information screen and create a new dependent to proceed.