Enrollment Event Details

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Enrollment Event Details

The Event Details screen shows only for the Mobile and Web - Life Event Enrollments. You must select the event you want to declare in this screen.

In the Event Details section, select the event type and the event date. The event date that you select must be within 30 days after the current date.

In the Supporting Documents section, if your administrator configured adding documents as required for the type of event selected, you must upload supporting documents. You can click Add Documents and upload multiple supporting documents for the event. Uploaded documents include the time stamp. To download and view the uploaded document, click the document link. If you leave the enrollment process and choose to finish it later, the uploaded documents show in the Supporting Documents section. To remove any documents you've added, click the delete icon next to the document link. However, you can remove documents only if your organization has granted permission. Additionally, administrators or managers can upload supporting documents on your behalf or remove any documents you uploaded.