Enrollment Benefits Decision Support

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Enrollment Benefits Decision Support

The Benefits Decision Support tool helps you decide which options to choose for Medical and Health Reimbursement Account plans.

If your benefits administrator has enabled decision support for the enrollment, in the Dependent Information screen, after you click Continue, the Benefits Decision Support screen shows. You can click Skip and move on to select options without using the Benefits Decision Support tool or click Help Me Decide and use the tool to help you decide on which options to select. If you choose to move on to select options without using the Benefits Decision Support tool, you can use the tool later while selecting medical and health reimbursement account options.

Before proceeding with the tool, you must agree to the Benefits Decision Support disclaimer. If you decline the disclaimer, Dayforce takes you to the screen where you can select options without using the tool.

If you agree to the disclaimer, you must select the checkbox next to the dependents you want to cover in your benefit elections. Select the Employee Only checkbox if you don’t want to cover any dependents. Continue to answer the five-step questionnaire about the medical needs you anticipate for the coming year. Use the HSA and Medical FSA tabs in step five to enter expenses and tax rates for Health Savings Account (HSA) and Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans. Each step includes instructional videos that you can watch to help you understand the question better. When you finish, Dayforce shows the option recommended by the tool based on your value scores and estimated total costs.