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Employee Timesheet

In Employee Timesheet, you can quickly record, view, and edit the times that you worked throughout the week. If Dayforce is configured to load timesheets by pay group, click Load and select the pay group and pay period that you want to load. Click Load and the timesheet for the corresponding pay period opens.

Icons provide details about the shifts on your timesheet. For example, they’re used when a shift is authorized, when a meal is waived, or when there’s a problem:

Shift with icons showing that the shift is authorized, the meal is waived and that there's an error.

Employee Timesheet has a number of panels that you can use to view additional information.

Employee Timesheet panels
Panel Description

Contains settings that customize how Dayforce shows information on your timesheet. To open this panel, click Options in the toolstrip. The Options panel is divided into two sections: Grid View Options and General Options.

Note: Depending on how Dayforce is configured, some of these settings might be unavailable.

Grid View Options

  • Level of Detail: Click and drag the slider left or right to move between low, medium, and high levels of detail.
  • Display Job Assignment As: Select an option that controls how Dayforce shows your job assignments. Select Department Name Job Name to show both the department name and job name or Job Name to show only the job name.

General Options

  • Autoload on Start: Select this checkbox and Dayforce automatically loads your timesheets when you open Employee Timesheet without waiting for you to manually load them.
  • Show problem pane after timesheets are loaded: Select this checkbox and Dayforce loads the Problems panel automatically when you open Employee Timesheet.
  • View totals in hours:minutes: Select this checkbox and Dayforce shows total hours in the hours:minutes format.
  • Enable real time calculations: Select this checkbox and Dayforce automatically recalculates data when you make changes to your timesheet. When you clear this checkbox, Dayforce shows the recalculation required icon () indicating that the timesheet data isn’t up to date. Dayforce also shows the Recalculate button in the toolstrip. You can click this button to manually recalculate timesheet data. After the timesheet is recalculated, the icon is removed.
  • Show Projects in Hierarchical View: Select this checkbox to enable the hierarchical view for projects when you add shifts and pay adjustments. When this checkbox is selected, the project icon () appears next to the project field. Click the icon to open the project dialog box where you can search for projects and view each project you have access to. Dayforce shows projects in a hierarchical format, with parent projects appearing at the top level. You can click a parent project to expand it and view its child projects. When you clear this checkbox, Dayforce shows projects in a standard view that shows only child projects.
  • See Record Time Against Projects.

Contains details about timesheet changes. Depending on how Dayforce is configured, the Audits panel might be split into two tabs: Shift and Authorization. The Shift tab shows the standard audit information for shifts on the timesheet. The Authorization tab shows information for unauthorized periods, including a description of why the period was unauthorized. See Authorize and Unauthorize Your Time.

A number of columns in the Audits panel use icons to indicate shift details. Most of these columns show a checkmark when the column heading applies.

Employee Timesheet audit information
Icon Column Name Description
Call-in icon. Call In Shows a checkmark if the user was called in for the shift.
Employee authorized icon. Employee Authorized Shows a checkmark when the user has authorized the shift or pay adjustment.
Manager authorized icon. Manager Authorized Shows a checkmark when a manager has authorized the shift or pay adjustment.
Biometric verification failure icon. Biometric Verification Failure Shows a checkmark when a user’s clock entry fails biometric verification at the clock.
Facial verification failure icon. Facial Verification Failure Shows a checkmark when a user’s clock entry fails facial verification on the Dayforce Touch Clock.
Premiums icon. Premiums Shows a checkmark when premiums are applied to the selected shift.
Auto-injected icon. Auto Injected Shows a checkmark when a user’s meals or breaks were automatically inserted into their shift to comply with their time entry policy.
Manager attestation icon. Manager Attestation Shows a checkmark when a manager attests a missed break.
Employee attestation icon. Employee Attestation Shows a checkmark when an employee attests a missed break.
Breaks taken icon. Breaks Taken

Shows the number of breaks taken during the shift.

Employee comment icon. Employee Comment Shows any comments that the employee added.
Manager comment icon. Manager Comment

Shows any comments that the manager added.


Contains balances information, such as vacation days or sick time. The panel contains three tabs:

  • Summary: Provides details for accrued, approved, pending, remaining, and exceeded hours.
  • Daily: Provides transaction details for the selected day.
  • Expiring Transactions: Provides details about transactions that are expiring. For example, if you’re eligible to take a day off within 30 days of working on a holiday, the Expiring Transactions tab shows this entitlement until it expires.
Favorite Sets In the Favorite Sets panel, you can create and save favorite sets of labor metrics, such as location, pay code, project, and docket. After you create a favorite set, you can apply it to shifts on your timesheet to quickly populate your work details. To apply the favorite set to a shift, select the shift and click Apply.

Contains details of your pay records. Select one of the three tabs to view your pay details:

    • Weekly: Provides details such as date, location, and department, along with a total that includes all days for the selected week.
    • Daily: Provides details about the pay for the selected day.
    • Retros: Provides information about changes made to the time and attendance records after the pay period was transmitted to payroll.
    • Note: If Dayforce is configured to show timesheet information by pay group, the Weekly and Retros tabs show the whole pay period. For example, if a two week pay period is configured, the Weekly tab shows both weeks separately as Week 1 and Week 2, with the total reflecting the entire pay period.
  • Problems

    Contains details about any problems, warnings, or messages that exist on the timesheet.

    Clock Data

    Contains raw clock entry data. If you use a Dayforce Touch Clock with picture capture, Dayforce might also be configured to show your clock picture, as well as your stock picture.

    This section covers the following topics: