Earning Statements

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Earning Statements

In the Earnings feature, you can open the Earning Statements tab to view and print your earning statements. You can also view statement summaries and generate a PDF of multiple statements. The following is an example of the Earning Statements tab:

Earning Statements tab.

Dayforce groups earning statements by month. You can click the month to expand or collapse its statements.

By default, the list includes statements with pay dates from one year in the past to one month in the future. In the fields at the top of the list, you can enter a different date range and click Filter to update the list.

The toolstrip includes the following buttons:

  • Filter: To update the list of statements, enter a date range and click Filter.
  • Print: Select one or more statements from the list and click Print. This generates a PDF file of the statements that you can download in Message Center.

The list of statements includes the following columns:

  • Earning Statement: Shows the statement's name and check number.
  • Pay Date: Shows the pay date of the associated payment.
  • Type: Shows the type of payment (for example, Normal, Additional).
  • Net Pay: Shows the pay amount after deductions.

View and Print Statements and Access Summaries

To open a statement, click its name below the Statement column. Dayforce loads the statement in a slide-out panel.

The top of the slide-out panel includes the following buttons and icons:

  • To print out the statement that's displayed, click Print.
  • To scroll through statements, click the left and right arrows.
  • To close the panel and return to the list of statements, click the tab at the top left of the slide-out panel.

To switch to a summary of the statement, click the Summary tab in the slide-out panel:

Summary tab showing earnings.

The summary includes a breakdown of earnings and deductions of the payment. You can hover the cursor over the pie chart to view percentages.

Generate a PDF of Statements

You can generate a PDF file that contains one or more of your earning statements. For example, the file can contain statements from the last six months or just the last two pay periods. When you generate the PDF, it's available to download in Message Center. To generate a PDF, select one or more statements from the list and click Print.

You can select the statements that you want to print in different ways:

  • Select the checkbox next to the individual statements.
  • Select the checkbox at the top of the list to select all statements in the list.
  • You don't need to expand the month to select all of the statements.
  • Select the checkbox next to a month to select only the statements for that month.

When you click Print, Dayforce displays a message at the bottom of the screen to indicate that the PDF is being generated.

Click the Message Center icon ( ) at the top right of the screen to download the PDF from your inbox. The name of the message in your inbox starts with "PayrollEarningStatementReport".

Note: If the file doesn't appear in your inbox, click Refresh. The time it takes to generate the file depends on the number of statements it includes.