Create Development Plans in Performance

Employee Guide

Create Development Plans in Performance

Performance review forms might be configured to allow employees and other reviewers to create new development plans during the review process. Progress for these development plans can be tracked in the review form or in the Development Plans feature. For more information about plans in the Development Plans feature, see View Development Plans.

To create a new development plan:

  1. Go to Performance and open the Reviews tab.
  2. Click the name of a review to open the review form.
  3. In the Development Plan section, click Add.
  4. Enter the details for the development plan. See Detail Fields for Development Plans in Performance.
  5. Click Save to publish the plan immediately or click Save as draft to publish the plan later.

After you save the development plan, it’s listed in the Development Plan section of the review form. You can click the action icon for the plan and select Edit to add details, activities, and so on for the plan. See Take Actions for Development Plans in Performance.