Create Aligned Goals

Employee Guide

Create Aligned Goals

You can pull information from existing goals to create new aligned goals.

  • When you create an aligned goal, all of the fields are populated with the same details as the parent goal, and the Name field is populated with the original goal’s name, preceded by “Aligned to”. You can update these field values for the new goal, including configuring the aligned goal to have a different measure type than its parent goal.
  • For the Actual/Target measure type, Dayforce displays the target value of the parent goal for your reference.
  • The application doesn't validate whether the target type that you selected (Count or Amount ($)) is consistent with the target type of the parent goal.
  • After you create an aligned goal, the Aligned Goals count on the parent goal is updated to include the new child goal. You can click this number to see a tooltip listing all of the aligned child goals.

    To create an aligned goal:

    1. Go to Performance > Goals and select the goal sub-tab that contains the goal you want to align the new goal with.
    2. In the goal, click the action icon () and then click Create Aligned Goal. The application opens a dialog box in which you can configure the details for a new child goal.
    3. Enter the details using the available parameters. See Create Goals.
    4. Click the Finish.