Copy Timesheets

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Copy Timesheets

Before You Begin: Depending on your configuration, Dayforce might not show the Copy menu in the toolstrip of Work > Timesheet. If this is the case, the options typically available in the Copy menu are available in the weekly information card menu above the employee’s timesheets.

In the Copy drop-down list in Work > Timesheet, you can populate your timesheets using pre-existing data:

Copy drop-down list showing options such as Copy Previous Period and Use Default Times.

  • To copy the previous week’s timesheet into the current week, click Copy Previous Period.
  • To populate the timesheet using your schedule or your assigned shift rotation, click Use Default Times. When you're scheduled to work, Dayforce populates your timesheet using your schedule. When you aren't, it populates based on your shift rotation.
  • To copy shifts from an existing template, click Copy from Template. See Apply Templates.
  • To save your week’s shifts as a template, click Copy to Template. See Save Timesheets as Templates.

In the timesheet row drop-down lists, you can copy and paste the time segments of an entire day. To copy a day:

  1. In Work > Timesheet, load the appropriate period.
  2. Click the row for the day you want to copy and select Copy Day in the drop-down list.
  3. Click the row for the day you want to paste the copied shift to and select Paste Day in the drop-down list.

Pasting the day adds the same hours, start time, and end time, as well as any pay adjustments, from the copied day to the new day.

Note: If there is already time logged in the day you're pasting into, it's replaced by the new data.