Consent to SMS Messages

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Consent to SMS Messages

To communicate with recruiters using text messages on your mobile phone, you must give your consent to receive these messages in the Short Message Service (SMS) Consent dialog box. This dialog box is shown after SMS messaging is enabled by your organization and when you first log in to Dayforce and select an item from Careers.

The dialog box shows the mobile phone number from your employee record. If you want to change it, go to Profile.

To update your consent later, go to Careers > Profile and click the Update SMS Consent link.

When you get the first message in a conversation, you also get a welcome message on your phone with your company name. To unsubscribe, reply STOP to the message, which turns off your SMS consent so that you can't send or receive text messages for any conversation. If you change your mind, you can't update your consent from within Dayforce. Instead, you must reply START to the message that you replied STOP to using the same phone number.

If you replied STOP to multiple messages, you must reply START to each of these messages. To find out the phone numbers you used to send these messages, go to Careers > Profile and click the Update SMS Consent link.