Complete Your Self Review

Employee Guide

Complete Your Self Review

You can start working on your self review when the self review period starts. Before this time, the self review is read-only. When the self review period starts, you receive a notification in Message Center and to any email address you provided in the system to receive notifications. The notification also lets you know when the review is due.

Note: When a self review is overdue, you can still open, work on, and submit it as you would normally.

When you start updating the review, you can click the Autosave switch to make sure that you won't lose your work if you forget to save your changes before closing the review during the current or future sessions. Alternatively, if you aren't using the autosave functionality you can click Save as Draft to save your changes and continue working on the review at a later time.

Important: Depending on configuration, your manager might be able to see your draft comments when you autosave, save as draft, or preview your review. A warning message will let you know if this is the case.

To do the self review:

  1. Go to Performance and click Reviews > My Reviews.
  2. Click the name of the review you are completing.
  3. Complete the review as follows, depending on what is configured for this review:
  4. When you are ready to preview the review, click Preview.
  5. If any mandatory sections haven't been completed, the review form displays a validation error, adds red boxes to each incomplete section, and doesn't open the preview. If everything is completed, Dayforce opens a preview of the review.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. The system sends a notification to your manager and the review process enters the next stage. See Performance Review Approval Process.