Complete Peer Reviews

Employee Guide

Complete Peer Reviews

The Peer Reviews sub-tab of Performance > Reviews displays a list of your past and upcoming peer reviews, along with due dates for upcoming reviews. It's a dedicated screen for managing your peer reviews.

Click an employee's name to open a slide-out panel where you can complete their peer review. It displays the sections of the review that you have been assigned to complete:

Slide-out panel where the review for the employee can be completed.

After you complete the review, click Preview. Or, if needed, you can click Cancel to return to the editable form and make any changes. When you're ready to submit the review, click Submit.

Note: After you click Submit, you can no longer make changes to your peer review.

The slide-out panel closes and the review's status changes to Completed.

When the review is locked, you can no longer submit your peer review. The review's status changes to Review Locked.