Competency Management

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Competency Management

As an employee, you can review your competencies and engage in ongoing feedback with your managers, similar to how you do with goals.

Unlike goal management where you can create personal goals, you aren't responsible for creating competencies. Administrators in your organization create a library of competencies and the relevant ones are assigned to you. Depending on your organization, this can be done in the following ways:

  • You can automatically be assigned one or more competencies based on your job. These are called job based competencies.
  • Your manager or other authorized users can assign competencies to you, in the same way that they assign you goals.
  • Your organization can have one or more core competencies. These are competencies that are assigned to all employees in the organization, and that all employees are expected to work on.

Some organizations might only assign you competencies based on your job, while others might allow your manager to assign you competencies. In most cases, an organization will have a set of core competencies.

This section covers the following topics: