Competency Conversations and Comments

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Competency Conversations and Comments

In Dayforce, a conversation is the top-level message and comments are the thread below the conversation.

To start a new conversation in the competency slide-out panel of Performance > Competencies:

  1. In the Conversation section of the slide-out panel, enter a message in the text box.
  2. You can click the bottom right of the text field, and drag it to increase the comment field size.
  3. Note: There is no limit to conversation length, and spell check is provided.
  4. By default, the conversation is visible to your manager, anyone you tag, and their direct managers. To change this visibility, use the Display to drop-down list. For more information, click the information icon () or see Set Conversation Visibility.
  5. Select a conversation category in the Category drop-down list.
  6. Note: If the drop-down list is displayed, it's a mandatory field.
  7. Click Post to add the conversation to the top of the conversation list, which is ordered reverse chronologically.

Like Conversations or Comments

You can like or unlike your own conversation posts, as well as those made by other users. Liking is useful for highlighting a comment that stood out during the year.

To like a post, click the associated like icon ().

After you like the post, the icon turns dark blue and filled in. You can click the icon again to unlike the post (if it is your like that you are changing; you cannot change other users' likes). For each conversation or comment, Dayforce also displays the total number of likes to the right of the icon.

Reply to Conversations or Comments

To add a reply to a conversation post:

  1. Click Reply for the post that you want to reply to. A reply text box opens.
  2. Enter the text that you want to reply with, and then click Post. The reply is added below the conversation in a reverse chronological thread.

If needed, you can click Comments to expand or collapse the comment thread below a conversation.

Delete Conversations

To delete a conversation, hover the cursor over the top-right corner of the comment to display the X, then click the X to delete the comment, as shown in the following image:

Comment with the X shown.

X is only available on those comments that you have permission to delete.

Sort Conversations

You can select how conversations are sorted using the Sort button.

Click Sort to expand a drop-down list from which you can select a sort option, either Most Recent or Oldest First.