Close Your Bidding Window

Employee Guide

Close Your Bidding Window

Before You Begin: This topic is applicable only to employees participating in a sequential vacation bidding session. Further, depending on the configuration of your instance of Dayforce, you might not have the ability to manually close your bidding window.

After you’ve submitted your bids in a sequential vacation bidding session, you can let your bidding window conclude on its own by taking no action. Alternatively, you can manually end your bidding window so that the next employee in the bidding sequence can start bidding.

To manually end your bidding window:

  1. Go to Work > Calendar.
  2. Select the Bidding Calendar View in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. In the calendar, click any eligible vacation date that’s included in the bidding session you’re participating in. Dayforce shows a menu containing options.
  4. Click Bidding Completed. The application shows a confirmation message, indicating that if you proceed you won't be able to submit any more bids in the current submission round.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click OK to confirm the closure of your bidding window.
    • Click Cancel to allow your bidding window to continue until its configured end time.

After you close your bidding window manually, Dayforce notifies the employee with the next scheduled bidding window in the sequence that their bidding window is active.