Clock In or Out

Employee Guide

Clock In or Out

There are a number of different types of in and out clock entries that you can perform on the clock:

  • Starting or ending your shift.
  • Starting or ending a meal.
  • Starting or ending a break.

Note: Your time entry policy determines which buttons are shown. For example, if your time entry policy doesn’t support breaks, the clock doesn’t show the break buttons.

The clock enables only the buttons that are valid based on your previous clock entries. For example, the clock doesn’t enable the End Meal button unless you’ve already performed a Start Meal clock entry.

To perform a clock entry, click the appropriate button. The clock shows a confirmation that your clock entry was recorded:

Message indicating that a user clocked out for a meal with the clock entry time shown.

If your clock entry fails, click the refresh icon () in the upper right section of the screen to manually refresh the clock. The clock refreshes based on the status of the last clock entry, ensuring that the clock is up to date and the user interface isn’t out of sync with your timesheet.

To clock out for a meal or break after you’ve started your shift, click Start Meal or Start Break. To return to work, click End Meal or End Break:

Main clock screen showing all functions grayed out and unavailable except for End Meal.

In the above example, an employee is clocked out for their meal and their only clock entry option is End Meal to return to work.